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unexplained behaviour

Nishita Saju

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Sep 11, 2015

My son is 3 years plus and was a preterm baby when delivered. .since then at every stage it has been new challenges adding on ..he wouldnt sleep through night and day till he was 6 months. .he is a poor eater till date. easily skips one or 2 main meals a day.. is very stubborn, come what may.. is hyper active .Most importantly he sometimes turns cranky mostly after a nap in afternoon.. and we could hardly explain why.. and he would jus keep nagging and get irritated. .

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| Sep 11, 2015

Hi Nishita, Nothing to worry, you won't believe but this happens in every home these days. Every child is like this only. Even my son is the same and when i read on parentune the similar kind of queries i feel i'm not the only one who suffers from all this. But i'm telling you this is because we over pamper our children reason being the single child unlike old times when children used to brought up in joint families and parents didn't listen to each and every demand. Don't overthink about this and don't think of always giving the beast and evrything to your child. Sound strange but some wishes of our children should remain unfulfilled so that they value those things.

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