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Payal Shah

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Feb 25, 2016

My lo 7month old is due for influenza vaccine next month.. I want to is this all vaccination really necessary to give.. I mean every month my paedia says nxt mnth this o tht vaccination is to b gvn.. can any one share what n which r compulsory vaccination n which r optional.

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Taruni Manjunath

| Feb 26, 2016

Hi. With the outbreak of h1n1 a few years ago influenza has gained more importance. I believe it's better to be on safer side. Anyday " prevention is better than cure ". We all want our little ones free of all possible harm and have a healthy life right

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| Feb 25, 2016

Same with me my daughter is 6 month old... Uptil her 6 month very month thr was vaccination... & Nw in 7 month doc told influenza vaccine which is optional she told it's up to u... influenza has 2 dose I. E. In 7 & 8 mth... Planning not to gv... bt confused... & in 9 mth measles kale vaccine which is complusory

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Swati Nitin Gupta

| Feb 25, 2016

I suggest you consult another paediatrician for a better clarity.

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