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Vit. D3 defeciency

Shruti Saluja

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Oct 07, 2015

My daughter is 10yr. old. she was complaining me abt the pain in her joints & other body parts from 2 mths. I took her to an orthopaedic. He asked me to get her blood tested for calcium, alkaline phosphorus & vit. d(25 oh). The result was calcium is 8. 7mg & po4 is normal & vit. d is 7. 2(which is very low) Then the ortho prescribed to give her vit. d3 sachet twice a week for a mth & the once in a week for 6 weeks +1 gemcal in a day Pls. eecommend

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Sneha Kotak

| Oct 12, 2015

Hi shruti... vit D deficiency is very commonly seen in kids of this generation because of the lack of out door activities and increased exposure of kids to computer games which leaves them with minimal sun exposure. vit d deficiency in the long run affects almost each and every system of the body. So if detected early,please treat it. There is no harm is no harm in giving the sachets as prescribed but make sure that she gets enough sun exposure so that it doesn't recur in future. For any more queries,please feel free to contact me at drsneha231@yahoo. com

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| Oct 08, 2015

Hi Shruti, if the doctor has recommended Vitamin D you should start on it. Vit D deficiency has become very common in India these days and has life long impact on child's health. So please do not delay.

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