Sayani Mukherjee

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Nov 26, 2015

Hi all, My 10 mnth old baby vomited three times yesterday.. Although after medication vomiting has stopped but he has lost his appetite for food n milk as well.. He also seems a bit weak n not dat energetic.. Please suggest how i can help him recover.

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Shikha Batra

| Nov 27, 2015

Hi Sayani!I understand yr concern as any episode of illness drains away child's energies and makes him/ her dull. Please check if he has fever as this could be due to some underlying infection. Vomiting could be due to many reasons such as indigestion, congestion in chest, or throat infection, to name a few. Please avoid force feeding the child. Try giving warm liquid or semi-solid diet such as lukewarm milk or dal water or vegetable soups or dalia or khichri. Maintain hydration. It is advisable to serve these in small amounts after frequent breaks. In case of fever, please consult a pediatrician. Dont worry Sayani,I am sure within 3 or 4 days he should springback to his normal self. I Wish him speedy recovery!

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