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Jan 13, 2016

My son is three months old. He does not sleep in the nights and days too. What may be the right solution for proper sleep.

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Tejal Singh

| Jan 14, 2016

My son is 2 and half month and in morning he takes nap of 45 mins after every 2-3 hour. I think it happens, we just need to follow routine activity and slowly it will change. B positive.

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Haritima Pandey

| Jan 14, 2016

I thought.. I m d only person who is facing this problem.. Till 2mnths My baby followed same routine ( day time full sleep nd night time full concentration on playing nd crying) I was so fed up.. Till 2nd half mnth I didn't slept properly. BT nw my little baby running in 3rd mnths nd she started sleeping at night ( 3 nights sleeping nd 3 nights nt sleeping) . So slowly slowly babies chnges their habbits. So be cool. Awaking at nights it's difficult. BT do massage to ur baby at night.

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Sruthi Patiballa

| Jan 13, 2016

Hello jyothi and geethika, Even i faced the same problem with my daughter when she is 2 months old. I struggled a lot to find out a solution for this. Then i came out with few solutions from my grandma here are those which i used to make my baby sleep tight: 1. Massage her with luke warm massage oil or mustard oil. 2. Make her do exercise, just move her/his hands and legs up and down. 3. Make her/him bath with hot water(not too hot, too hot water may be relaxing bit its not good for skin and cells) 4. Bundle her/him with a cotton dupatta or a saree. I'm sure your baby will have a good sleep for atleast an hour. Do the same during evening time but dont bundle her/him. During evening make her play or massage her for a ponger time(not more than a hour). These tips helped me, wish they help you too. Have a good day.

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Geetika Sharma

| Jan 13, 2016

I am also facing the same problem. My daughter is 4 months old and she hardly takes 15 min nap after approx every 3 hours. In the night also she wakes up at every hour.

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