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want some feedback on Heritage school


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Dec 17, 2012

Hi! Am looking for the right school for my daughter. Have looked at several of them. Would like to know from a heritage fellow parent about your experience with the school, especially infrastructure, transportation and extra currics.

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Navneet Bahri

| Dec 17, 2012

Hi Shivani, my daughter is 6 now, and has been going to heritage from 2 1/2 yrs. as a parent we wanted a school for her where learning is celebrated so that she develops a genuine love for learning. we wanted a school which does not pressurize the kid to prove herself but partner with us jointly in nurturing her into a happy, thinking and responsible human being... and heritage has been just that and more. if you are ready to let go of comparisions and believe in maintaining an individual, the school does complete justice to that. Their campus is huge with a lot of field area, playgrounds, a lot of extracurricular activities... they emphasize quite on teachers' training... so the concept of experiential learning is very strong and the teachers are in sync with the school's philosophy at large. They do not grade children, but give a detailed report on every aspect related to the child's progress quarterly. As correctly put by Bhavna above, my child wants to go to school everyday and comes back happy - nothing beats that. let me know if u need more info

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| Dec 17, 2012

Hi Shevani! My daughter goes to heritage and overall, i have enjoyed seeing her enjoy at the school. I can understand your worries. the school has a good infrastructure with large grounds and play area, along with trainers for some sports, like for soccer they have a focused program. Also, i like the teachers as they are quite friendly and caring. They do have a transportation (school bus) manned by an attendant. My daughter enjoys there extra curricular stuff as well.

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