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Shaamini Thilak

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Dec 05, 2015

My daughter is 1yr and 11 months old, she eats only when she watch's some rhymes or videos of herself. I cannot make her eat otherwise.. please let me know how to get her rid of this

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Shikha Batra

| Dec 11, 2015

Hi Shaamini! What about her Mommy dear singing a rhyme for her? Or narrating a story? Or talking to her all the while she is being fed. Or taking out sounds of animals and birds. Or u could have just the audio and do actions yourself and sing along. I am sure within a day or so she would wait for feeding time and would not mind absence of ipads or phones. This has many benefits a) The more u would talk to her, the more the beautiful bond that u two share will be strengthened. b) u enacting it would have more impact and it would be registerd in her mind than from an ipad. c) she would know when her tummy is full and indicate the same to u while when an ipad is on, her mind would be diverted and she might be overfed. d)when u talk to her, new words would be added to her vocabulary, thereby improving her communication skills. e) her eyes would not be hurt. f)and last but not the least on happiness scale, the score would be maximum as there is nothing better than MOmmy's love. Hope this helps!

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Grishma Patel

| Dec 06, 2015

Hi.. my baby is 1 yr 14 months old. and she has same habit. And i m also finding its solution. I cant handle her whenever she is demanding to watch rhymes on mobile or tv. If u get any solution plz suggest me.

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