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Feb 03, 2016

My 5 month old baby has watery eye from yesterday. Paediatrician said its completly norml but m nt satisfied wat he said. As he dont give me proper reason for watery eye. Can anyone pls help or suggest something for my baby.

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Misba sultana

| Jul 13, 2016

Press gently on tear duct ( area btween Eye n Nose ) at least 10 to 15 times repeat 3times a Day DAILY ...In shah Allah ua child vil b 5n soon.... Dis is bcoz The passage of nose gets block n dnt get da way for water to come out... thats why water comes out from tear duct,..... so use nasoclear saline spray liberally as da spray has no side effects......

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Jyoti Singh

| Jul 06, 2016

I think it because of cold

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Suchita Singh

| Feb 04, 2016

make sure no soapy water enters baby eye while bathing baby. my baby used to have watery eye post bathing. I am now using himalya gentle baby bath and no tears now. also u can try to apply warm hand or cloth on eye to relieve. if nothing helps, check with ENT expert

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| Feb 04, 2016

My daughter had the same problem. This is because the glands near the eye is taking time to get fully developed. This is common. The doctor asked us to massage the area between eye and nose. This got solved after days. Nothing to worry

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Tejal Singh

| Feb 04, 2016

Having same problem from last 20days, continues water from left eye and some time right, even my child eye is swelled from below. Shown to pedc she said he may get fever (didn't understood d reason) And I am completely not satisfied with her answer. Eyes still swelled.

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Neha Sachdeva

| Feb 04, 2016

Same problem my 3 months baby was facing her right eye water use to come out all the time her pediatrician pressed the area of her eye and nose and it all got ok but we cant do it only her doctor can do she did it twice and now its all ok

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