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Reshma Shakeel

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Dec 29, 2015

Hello, my daughter is 8 months 20 days but her weight only 7 kg and height is 69 and her birth wait is 2. 9. it is correct?

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Ruchita Thareja

| Dec 29, 2015

Hi Reshma. As per the normal practice, a baby should gain 3 times the birth weight by 12 months I. e one year. So if your daughter was born 2. 9 kgs then at the end of one year, she should be around 8. 7 kgs.. And now she is 7kgs.. So I think, she is doing perfectly good.. I can understand that weight/height gain are always a matter of worry for the mothers.. I would recommend you to consult the weight/height/hv charts available online.. Like I personally refer to baby center chart. Or else you can ask one to your consulting lead trivial.. That helps for mothers to keep a progress chart. Happy Parenting!!

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