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Mansi Verma

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Sep 25, 2015

Hi, my daughter is 2 months old. For some,reason I m unable to breastfeed. So she is on nanpro. I am concerned about her weight, since she is not gaining weight. She gained only 500gm in one month. And she is drinking less milk after receiving vaccination of 8 weeks. I am concerned about her weight. How much formula should she take daily.

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Mansi Verma

| Sep 27, 2015

Hey thanks for ur support. I know it hurts not being able to feed baby naturally. I hope she catch up with the chart soon as u said. May I know what food are u giving her except milk since ur baby is 4 months. And how much ml. Nanpro do u feed her per feeding? I give her 60ml, after 2hr break and that too she is not able to finish.

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Vinay P

| Sep 27, 2015

I had same experience as my baby was on top feeding nan pro. She has match the weight chart now in four months. Baby will gain 15-20 gm of weight per day till 3 months. Keep the frequency of nan pro at 1 n half hr break. Dont worry about weight n vaccination, after vaccination baby get little tired. But soon will start having nam pro.

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