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What should I have yo give my baby to eat.

Shweta Negi

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Jan 02, 2016

.some time I get confuse.. wat to give him. how could I add more vege in his meal. plz suggest.. I usually give him moong dal khichadi. now he even not liking it. some time daliya.. wat other option which are healthy n tasty too

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meenal nagda

| Jan 06, 2016

Even i was in the same state few months before den i learnd from my mother to mix dal roti... i. e prepare tur dal drn soak royi in it for few min then crush it properly and den feed it to ur baby... or else u can make tur dal with adding leafy vegetables den mix it with rice and give it... my baby started liking it... each day a different leafy vegi so that there is a new taste every day.... hope i am helpful to u... if u want the recipe clearly I would help u.... moreover leafy vegis give more nutrients so i liked it... may b u will aldo like it

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