Child Psychology and Behaviour

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Surabhi Chatterjee

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Apr 25, 2014

My son often has phases when he will do the opposite of what I ask him to do. How to curb this?

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| Apr 25, 2014

I agree with Neha here. If he intentionally ignores you, then you may ignore his actions too. Pointing it out or making a big deal out of what he is doing wrong may tempt him to do more. WHen he sees that you are not interested or no one is paying attention, he is likely to stop. Could you elaborate on what he does? Such as an instance or action? Thanks!

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| Apr 25, 2014

Hi Surabhi, I'll suggest that in such phases, you should stop asking him to do anything and become quiet. Later, when you feel that he is in a decent mood, you should ask him to do the things you asked him earlier. Make sure that he does what he is asked to do. In case he refuses to listen to you even then, you'd have to talk it out with him when he is in a better mood. Please ensure that he is aware of your sentiments when it comes to his behavior in such phases. If dealt with a little strictly, I'm sure you'll be able to overcome this problem. Cheers

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