When baby will start getting teeth


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Dec 26, 2015

My daughter and son is 4 months old and 5 months running. when they will get teeth,is it true that I should give honey now which help for teeth growth?

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Shailaja NAVALE

| Dec 28, 2015

Hey pls dont give anything for getting teeth earlier but u can start dentonic if ur baby is doing actions which shows as if he or she is biting something dentonic is a medicine which helps in lessening the pain while the tooth is coming and generally they start coming around 6th or 7th month which may vary in some kids my daughter got her first tooth in around end of 4th month

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krishna shekhar

| Dec 26, 2015

Hi. Please don't give honey to get teeth earlier. It comes on its own. Some babies gets early and some gets late. My baby is 9 month old but still not got teeth. So dont worry and don't give something like that before consulting doctor.

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