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Rani Kikani

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Jan 25, 2016

My son is 5. 4yrs old he write d numbers in opposite way

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| Jan 25, 2016

Hi Rani, Does he reverse the order of the numbers or write a mirror image of an individual number? i. e for 345 does he write 543 or does he write 5 in opposite direction? Generally young children have confusion on left and right directions and they write alphabets in reverse order. if he writes mirror images, does he do occasionally or all the time? If it's occasional, then no need to worry. writing 3,5,7 as mirror image is very common. Try doing the following exercise. firstly write down the numbers in random fashion in correct way and ask him to say the numbers when pointed at. Next write the correct number and its mirror image in pairs. Ask him to circle or trace the right ones. finally write random numbers with some correct numbers and some mirror images. tell him to circle or trace the right ones. As long as he is able to identify the correct ones, he is doing fine. he will outgrow it once he gets the sense of directions. All the best.

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Parentune Support

| Jan 25, 2016

Hi Rani, here's a blog that may help you-http://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/8-ways-to-make-your-child-enjoy-writing/607

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