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Haritha Batthula

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Dec 09, 2015

Hi my son is 5 years old. we recently moved to Mexico. Suddenly he lost interest in learning things. As long as we are here it is ok... But once we moved back to India he can not be able to follow the syllabus. He forgot 2 letter words which panics me more.. please advise me

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Haritha batthula

| Dec 24, 2015

Hi I have just seen your message. my son is going bilingual school. we are at Puebla. You may find English medium schools in Mexico.

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Anuradha Singh

| Dec 09, 2015

Hi I just read your concern about your child. My husband is staying in Mexico and I am also going to come there in march end or april first week ...I also haave a 5 years old boy going to School... earlier I was living there ...due to language difference a Social disorder got developed in him so I brought him to india ..now he has improved and Speaking..... I am a bit concerned if I come there again ...will it be better or worse as again he has to get along with spanish and doesnt like to write.. and gets aggressive at Times... is your child in a english or spanish School

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Shikha Batra

| Dec 09, 2015

Hi Haritha! What I am able to collect from your description is, he is not able to adjust in India and has lost interest in studies. Haritha children are curious by nature. Their mind can not stop thinking and they are always up to something. Since u have mentioned , there have been frequent transitions in a short span of time which not just mean change of his native place but also his house, his school, his relatives and friends, his teachers, but also his favorite sleep corner or bed might not have remained the same. So too many transitions can be overwhelming for a 5 year old. Just let him take his time to adjust as right now he is under the state of confusion in terms of time ,place, people and their language and different set of rules etc. If possible be his strength, as he is in the process of adjusting. Also try and comfort him as far as possible by helping him connect with friends and family. As far as studies are concerned, he will come around once he is comfortable with his surroundings.

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