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Parenting Blogs

Are Movie Theatres for Infants? Featured post

Written by Medha Kedar Tonapi | Monday, Apr 20

Movies are a welcome break for the parents, especially new parents, but ask infants if they feel the same. The high decibel levels and flashing lights can unnerve the little baby and even cause damage to his health. We round up some common reasons wh...

The Right Dental Care for Children Featured post

Written by Megha Katira Patni | Tuesday, Apr 7

From the right age to start brushing, to choosing the right brush for your child, and which is the best toothpaste, this comprehensive blog gives you all the information you need to give your child the best dental care.

10 ways to have fun with your child on April Fools’ Day

Written by Ankita A Talwar | Wednesday, Apr 1

Being grown-up doesn’t mean you have to be a grown-up always. We tell you 10 easy ideas to have fun with your child on April Fools Day. Go on and have some fun.

8 tips for a Digital Detox Diet for your family

Written by Nalini Dhariwal | Thursday, Mar 26

8 tips to start your family on a Digital Detox Diet.One of the often asked questions, by parents, is how do I get my children off the screen? With screen toxification becoming a fact of life for urban families, we get you 8 easy tips on how to tackle...

Home-made garlic breadsticks Featured post

Written by Ankita A Talwar | Tuesday, Mar 24

Children love these, don’t they? But then the market ones are loaded with salt, preservatives and lot of unhealthy ingredients we don’t wish to expose our children to. We get to you a recipe to make yummy garlic breadsticks at home, almost the re...

My Child is shy. What do I do? Featured post

Written by Anurima | Saturday, Mar 21

If you are a parent of a shy child, it can be frustrating to watch your child struggle in many situations, especially if you have been the outgoing type. The key is to help work with your child, rather than against, his/her natural tendencies. We br...

Making friends with Your breastpump Featured post

Written by Administrator | Monday, Mar 9

Shippy Sharma, Delhi, mother to 2.5 years old Daksh says, “When I was shopping for my baby, I frequently came across breastpumps. But honestly, I always thought expressing milk and using a breastpump was for women who intended to get back to work....

Make your holi colours at home Featured post

Written by Ankita Talwar | Thursday, Mar 5

Don’t let the fear of chemicals in holi colours spoil the festival fun. We get you some easy ideas on how to make safe holi colours at home.

What are parenting blogs

This section is all about sharing your thoughts through a blog with your fellow parents. We believe that in a blog, fellow parents see a reflection of their own challenges and plausible solutions, which worked for them. The topics in the blogs range from nutrition, behavioural, education to helping parents to guide their child to being a conscientious citizen covering all children age-groups. On parentune, we make a focused effort to keep a supportive and empathetic outlook towards fellow parents, also towards keeping the blogs topical and relevant. In this section, you can share a blog focused on a certain aspect of parenting and along with it suggest tried ways to deal with the related challenge, which worked for you. You will be able to see the comments and the appreciation for your blog from fellow parents.

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