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Parenting Blogs

Littles and I - The Homecoming Featured post

Written by Vidyashree Rai | Saturday, Nov 15

Coming home with the baby, for the first time, after being discharged from the hospital is a memory worth cherishing. But for some, the moment becomes more anxiety-ridden than pleasure. A mother shares her own experience when she got her baby home. P...

5 fun ideas for Children's Day Featured post

Written by Ankita A Talwar | Thursday, Nov 13

Children's Day holds special memories for all of us. It meant being treated in a special way, at school, teacher's putting up a performance, giving us a treat and eventually the chutti. Let us continue the tradition with our children too. We bring to...

My experience with IVF Featured post

Written by radhika-thombre | Wednesday, Nov 5

Pregnancy, a simple joy for some, and a long wait for others—is something that teaches women about themselves, more than anything else. It teaches women patience, resilience, and above all to love and take care of themselves, because after all only...

Breast Cancer Treatment Featured post

Written by Neetu Ralhan | Friday, Oct 31

While breast cancer is a very serious concern, it is treatable in most conditions. We bring here a roundup on the types of breast cancer treatments available. Read here

Do we live our unfulfilled dreams through our children - consciously or unconsciously? Featured post

Written by Kavita Yadav | Thursday, Oct 30

Most parents end up living their childhood passions through their children—sometimes unconsciously and sometimes consciously. In this blog, a mother shares, how her unfulfilled love for music and dance got transferred to her daughters and the lesso...

Coping with Breast Cancer Featured post

Written by Shikha Batra | Wednesday, Oct 29

Coping with breast cancer, emotionally While cancer takes a huge toll on the body, it equally affects the mind leaving a person anxious, feeling isolated and depressed and insecure. Our blog here suggests 10 ways to deal with breast cancer mentally ...

Give Diwali that Meaningful Twist

Written by Megha Katira Patni | Wednesday, Oct 22

Diwali means sweets, firecrackers, partying and gifting. But have you as a parent thought, “Is this I want to teach my child? Does Diwali just mean spending money, going to a restaurant and wearing those traditional clothes? Let’s take a step bey...

Can my child watch bigg boss? Featured post

Written by Neetu Ralhan | Tuesday, Oct 21

A thorough and nonjudgmental review of the reality show Bigg Boss, to help parents screen and select age appropriate media for their child.

What are parenting blogs

This section is all about sharing your thoughts through a blog with your fellow parents. We believe that in a blog, fellow parents see a reflection of their own challenges and plausible solutions, which worked for them. The topics in the blogs range from nutrition, behavioural, education to helping parents to guide their child to being a conscientious citizen covering all children age-groups. On parentune, we make a focused effort to keep a supportive and empathetic outlook towards fellow parents, also towards keeping the blogs topical and relevant. In this section, you can share a blog focused on a certain aspect of parenting and along with it suggest tried ways to deal with the related challenge, which worked for you. You will be able to see the comments and the appreciation for your blog from fellow parents.

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