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Parenting Blogs

Diwali that Meaningful Twist Featured post

Written by Megha Katira Patni | Wednesday, Oct 22

Diwali means sweets, firecrackers, partying and gifting. But have you as a parent thought, “Is this I want to teach my child? Does Diwali just mean spending money, going to a restaurant and wearing those traditional clothes? Let’s take a step bey...

Can my child watch bigg boss? Featured post

Written by Neetu Ralhan | Tuesday, Oct 21

A thorough and nonjudgmental review of the reality show Bigg Boss, to help parents screen and select age appropriate media for their child.

Top 10 things to know about Breast Cancer Featured post

Written by Ankita A Talwar | Thursday, Oct 16

Among so many diseases affecting women, breast cancer is perhaps the most underestimated and misunderstood one. Affect of genes, the right age to get a mammogram done, and the symptoms to watch out for—what you may be knowing about it, may be only ...

Role of the Father to be Featured post

Written by Megha Katira Patni | Tuesday, Oct 14

A pregnancy can be made simpler and more joyful for the mother, if the father-to-be also pitches in. Here is a blog, that shares 6 ways in which fathers can participate in the woman’s pregnancy and see her through it.

Parenting Workshop with Nitin Pandey and Tara Sharma Featured post

Written by Ankita A Talwar | Tuesday, Oct 7

The 'Conscious Parenting' workshop organized by had parentune founder, Nitin Pandey, and celebrity mom, actor, and producer, Tara Sharma, interacting with parents on various aspects of parenting. Find out more.

Milk? The power drink! Featured post

Written by Tanuja Sodhi | Monday, Oct 6

We all have grown up on the wisdom of ‘Drink milk to be healthy’, but have we ever thought of why is milk such a revered drink? We bring to you a complete profile on milk and its benefits. Bonus: a few tips and tricks to make the fussy eaters enj...

How to get the nutrients missing in a veg diet! Featured post

Written by Megha Katira Patni | Wednesday, Oct 1

Today, as we celebrate the spirit of the World Vegetarian Day, we also are concerned about the missing nutrients from our children’s health. Vegetarian food has its limitations and we tell you how to supplement the missing nutrients in a vegetarian...

Top 10 Tips for Pregnancy Diet Featured post

Written by Neetu Ralhan | Monday, Sep 22

Wondering what to eat and what to ditch, in pregnancy? We roundup top 10 tips on eating right, and eating healthy when pregnant with our expert help. Find them here.

What are parenting blogs

This section is all about sharing your thoughts through a blog with your fellow parents. We believe that in a blog, fellow parents see a reflection of their own challenges and plausible solutions, which worked for them. The topics in the blogs range from nutrition, behavioural, education to helping parents to guide their child to being a conscientious citizen covering all children age-groups. On parentune, we make a focused effort to keep a supportive and empathetic outlook towards fellow parents, also towards keeping the blogs topical and relevant. In this section, you can share a blog focused on a certain aspect of parenting and along with it suggest tried ways to deal with the related challenge, which worked for you. You will be able to see the comments and the appreciation for your blog from fellow parents.

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