Parentune is a parents’ network, 24x7 parents’ partner and a safe place for parents, helping each parent to do what is right for their child. We are driven to empower a positive shift in the parenting & child development Ecosystem. Parentune is guided by the belief that each parent needs support in form of relevant & specific information for their child, needs to be connected with a like-minded network of fellow parents & needs access to empathetic Experts. With these, parentune empowers each parent to do what is right for their child’s development. Our mission is to be the must-have-support for each parent so as to foster each child’s growth & development through meaningful & joyful experiences.

We use technology to achieve these goals in a responsible, personalized and compassionate way helping parents with their concerns and information needs. Parentune verification process ensures that each parent is able to voice their concerns about their child in a safe environment. There are more than 3 million verified parents on the network spread across languages, locations and child age-groups. (as of Mar’20)

Parentune's foundation lies in its belief that if a parent is supported by relevant and personalized support could achieve what is right for their child. We believe that a proparent community will empower a positive shift in the quality of child development.

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Recent News

Parentune grows to 1 Million android app downloads

Celebration time! We are pleased to share that Parentune has crossed 1 Million android app downloads. Thank you for sharing the parentune support with your loved ones and supporting them to do more for their child. We still have a lot more to do, and many more parents to support. We look forward to our passionate journey of supporting each parent 24*7.

TOI news

TOI surfaces parents’ challenges from HOTSPOT findings

This article in Times of India on 11th August surfaces some of the challenges faced by parents today and the need for support. It's not easy to be a parent; it takes a lot. We feel that the least one can do is not judge a parent, and we feel really good about parentune's network, as it has kept judgement at bay, and more people and entities have come forward to support parents without judging.

We started parentune in 2012 with a belief that timely and validated advice from like minded parents & experts shall empower each parent to do what is right for their child. This journey emanated from our understanding & appreciation for the significant role played by each parent in a child's development. Today, parentune has become a 24x7 parent's partner supporting parents to do more for their child in real time.

TOI News

Awards & Recognition

Parentune is one of the most awarded startups from India, and has been recognized by national as well as international awards over the years.



Emerge 50

Parentune was covered by Nasscom, which highlights successful startups mentored by the Nasscom10K program.Emerge 50 is synonymous with high caliber, innovative software product companies helmed by never-say-die entrepreneurs. Emerge 50 has been consistently successful in spotting these emerging companies way before they achieve their pinnacle.

BW TECHTOR - Technology company to watch out for

BW Techtors

BW TechTors is among BW Businessworld initiatives to pander to the growing curiosity about the world of entrepreneurship. They honour the efforts of India’s definitive list of tech startups, and to spread the word about their disruptive technologies.

We Are A SUPERBRAND!- SuperStartUp Award 2017

SuperStartUp Award 2017

Superbrands simply put, sets the standard for trust,respect and breakout performance.They are the World's Independent Arbiter of Branding. Participation in Superbrands is by invitation only, and is awarded to the most outstanding brands in their field through a validated research methodology. Parentune has been chosen a Superbrand through a National research done with 1,00,000 respondents across 25 cities of India.

Startup50 by SmartCEO


The Smart CEO Startup 50 Awards aims to reward, recognize and honour entrepreneurs who’ve started up within the last seven years (after April 2010) and have built wonderful businesses that make all their key stakeholders – customers, shareholders and employees – proud. Parentune was nominated to the Startup50 2017 Long List by Singapore-based SEGNEL Ventures, spearheaded by Hideki Fujita.

Nasscom Design Awards 2018

Design Award

NASSCOM® Design4India Design Awards aims to spur innovation with a focus being on technology product design, that is simple yet builds a powerful product and exemplifies Experience Design.

WSJD LIVE Global 2015

Parentune: WSJ mention

WSJD LIVE Global startup showcase 2015 is a unique showcase done at SFO each year to showcase the most promising global startups. Startups from 26 countries participate and a few get chosen for this showcase. These startups get a chance to present their vision and plan in front of Who’s Who of Silicon Valley, global investors and business executives. was among the 6 startups chosen from many, from India, in the running for this coveted showcase.

Hot 100 Tech Award 2014


Hot100 is all about showcasing the best in class technology start-ups & honor them. Parentune was chosen from a pool of hundreds of tech startups from across India by an eminent Jury. The best part: the selection was based on online voting! Thank you for choosing us!

Featured on HT Brand Leadership Series

HT Brand Leadership Series gets the brains behind the top brands in India to discuss, decode and collaborate on the future of marketing. Watch Nitin Pandey talk about Parentune’s journey in this video.

Our Culture Code

Learn-Fun-Speed capture parentune's culture. The Culture code is a shared co-creation of these 3 aspects by the team on an every day basis. The team focuses on iterating fast and a combined reflection to learn from their experiences. This enables continuous learning for the team. Each team mate brings forward a fun activity once a week and the team does it together. We haven't missed our fun sessions for more than 3 years now. We made this frequency "twice" during COVID times. We are a goal driven team, and iterating fast in a stress free environment, while learning from each other's experiences helps us in moving at speed towards our shared goals.

Meet Our Team


About the Founders

The founder Nitin Pandey strive each day to make this proparent community a support system for each parent out there!

Venugopal Pottu, Co-founder & CTO

Venugopal Pottu

Venugopal Pottu is a CoFounder and key Technology Advisor to parentune. He now serves as the Director Technology at Delhivery. Venu started with his first venture when he was still on IIT KGP campus. He believes in building Tech smart Businesses. He founded and scaled up a Web and APP services firm, which worked with startups as well as some large corporations. He founded a talent screening SAAS solution before joining parentune as a CTO. He joined parentune just a year after becoming a parent. He grew to being a Co Founder CTO and led a lean Technology team building a scale ready parentune. He has been the recipient of the TECHTOR Award by BusinessWorld in 2018 and continues to be a solid Advisor for parentune.

Nitin Pandey, Founder & CEO

Nitin Pandey

Nitin had a prior experience of 12 yrs in scaling up Consumer focused brands & businesses. He was rated an Outstanding Achiever by Apollo Tyres. Nitin & his team scaled an Early Childhood Development & Education Business to being the most recognized chain of economy preschools & empowered the firm’s journey to an IPO in 3 years. He learnt in his education stints about parents’s challenges. He understood that parents miss a real-time support that can help them raise their child. He realised that a parent’s role in a child’s development is perhaps as or more important than a preschool or school. This prompted him to do a research with more than 2000 parents & compelled him to start up parentune. Nitin was recognized as a Braveheart by BD, 40Under40 Leader by BusinessWorld in 2018 and as an Illustrious Entrepreneur Alumnus by IMI Delhi in 2019.