डॉक्टर हमारे एक बेटी है जो आज 56 दिनों की हो गयी है। मेरी बेटी को लेकर मुझे अजीब अजीब ख्याल आते है जिससे में डर जाती हूं । कभी भी बालकोनी या छत पर जाती हू तो लगता है बेटी हाथ से छूटकर गिर गयी हो उसके बाद में भी वही से कूद गई हूं, कभी सपने में दिखता है कि बेटी पीठ के बल गिर गयी उसे चोट लग गई । ऐसा क्यों लगता हैं ऐसे सपनो क्या मतलब हैं प्लीज् कोई बताये क्योंकि ऐसे विचार और सपने से मुझे डर लगने लगा हैं।

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doctor We have a daughter who is now gone 56 days. My daughter is about to come to me strange thought that I would be scared. Never went hurt was the balcony or the roof Hu guess looks daughter fell after escaping from the hands then I went to jump the same, ever dream daughter fell back. Why do you think I felt afraid of what these dreams mean Plij mentioned because no such thoughts and dreams.

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Updated on Jan 10, 2020

child-psychology Corner

I understand your concern. Renu after delivery our body goes through Hormonal changes. Hence this chemical imbalance can impact our mind too. You have to take rest and be positive. Such dreams come because you are anxious. Also seeing such a tiny baby you may wonder if she will come to harm. Don’t worry. Babies are strong too in their own way. Reduce your anxiety by devoting a little time for yourself. You may be getting obsessed about your baby. It is natural. Hence take a short walk in the terrace; read a little; watch tv. Replace with happy thoughts. Do not hesitate to take help form family and friends. If such thoughts persist pls visit your gynaecologist or a counsellor. All the best.

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