माझा मुलगा 9 वर्षाचा आहे मला दुसरा मूलगा 19 जुलै 2019 ला झालाय तो झाल्या पासून मोठ्या मुलाला ‌may b he feel insecure his behaviour is totally change , he not interested in study, i think he need counselling plz help

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Updated on Sep 17, 2019

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This seems to be attention seeking behaviour. Since you have had your second child your older one is seeking your attention through this behaviour. You will have to spare 30 minutes exclusively every day for him and to be with him. He is demanding his share of love and attention. Also entrust him with little responsibilities so that he feels important. Give the title of older brother and make him feel important Between the two of them concentrate on your older one because he is at an age where he understands more. Super use his study time too. I know you have a lot on your hands but giving attention to the older one is important. Gain his trust and rapport. He needs your guidance. All the best.

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