मेरा गर्भावस्था का‌ 8 वाँ महिना चल रहा है और होस्पिटल मेरे घर से 100 कि॰मी॰ है‌ मूझे‌ और कितनी देर पहले पता‌ चलेगा‌ कि डिलेवरी होने वाली है ताकि में समय पर होस्पिटल पहूँच‌ सकूँ वो क्या‌लक्षण होंगे‌ जिससे मूझे पता‌ लगे कि डिलेवरी इस‌ समय होने वाली‌ है इतने समय मे होने वाली है

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My pregnancy 8th month running And Hospital is 100 km from my house Me last year and how will you know long ago that the delivery so I can hang Hospital on time He will Kyalkshn which they know me last year that the delivery is occurring at this time is that in such a long time

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Updated on Jan 04, 2020

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Some of the symptoms of early labour are: sticky mucoid vaginal discharge, blood stained discharge, watery leak backache or intermittent pain in abdomen, painful tightening of abdomen, sense if pressure down below etc. All women may not have these early labour symptoms. In some women, the delivery may happen quickly , it's not possible to predict the time if delivery without conducting an internal gynaecological checkip. So , you should stay in touch with your doctor. If possible, try to look at the possibility of a nearby clinic/doctor/ hospital in case of an emergency.

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