मेरा बेटा बहुत जिद्दी है उसका कोई हल बताए

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Updated on Dec 24, 2017

education Corner

As children grow you will have to be prepared for change. Now he is in a stage of being independent. Yes he is curious and understanding his own mind. He wants to make his own choices. You have to understand from his little self , from his perspective. His stubbornness is not at you. Do not take it personally. He does not know to express himself. He wants to be in control. So give him options. Understand why he is stubborn. You will be able to resolve. If you ask him to sit for eating when he is busy playing, go near him and offer two choices - will you have dinner now or after ten minutes. This way you also teach him to think rationally. Set a routine for all his tasks. Reward him with a star when he completes. When he collects 7 stars give him a treat- an hour of extra play time during weekends. Be supportive and appreciative. I hope this helps.

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