मेरा बेटा 5 साल का है वो ज्यादा किसी के साथ बातें नहीं करता है स्कूल में वो UKG class में पढता लेकिन वहा भी वो mam के साथ बात नहीं करता है oral में तो कुछ भी नहीं बोलता मू भी नही खोलता फिर भी class में 2nd आया है जब घर आता है तो मस्ती करता है मुझसे बात करता है उस के पापा के साथ तो खूब जमती है पर किसी अंजाण से बात करने मै डरता है मुझे समज नहीं आ रहा कि मैं उस के साथ क्या करू जो ओ बातें करे

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My son is 5 years old he does not talk to anyone more than he reads in the UKG class in school but he does not even talk to mam. He does not speak anything in the mouth, but he does not even open the door. When it comes home, it makes fun of me Talking with her father is a great deal but I'm afraid to talk to someone I do not know what to do with what I say

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Updated on Jun 07, 2018

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He is more sensitive than others so he will need to be more Mentally prepared about situations and people Do not force him to socialise. Instead do it gradually. Invite his friends home and organise games or activities. Observe the dynamics. He may have few but deep friendship later. So do be patient. And supportive. Please read this blog, this may be of help. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/my-child-is-shy-what-do-i-do/497 All the best and do keep us posted. All the best and do keep us posted.

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