मेरी पत्नी को पिछले तीन साल से कंधे के स्थिर होने या अकड़ और झनझनाहट की समस्या थी । जो पिछले वर्ष दो बार दौरे के रूप मे भी हुआ । अब इलाज के उपरांत सभी समस्या ठीक हो चुकी है । बच्चे से संबंधित सारे टेस्ट भी नार्मल है । पर उसके दायें कंधे मे अकड़न समय-समय पर हो रही है खासकर सोते समय वो भी 1 या आधा मिनट के लिए । ऐसा क्यो ?

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My wife had the problem of shoulder stability or stroke and chaos from the last three years. Which also happened in the form of a tour twice in the previous year. Now after the treatment all the problems have been cured. All the tests related to the child are also normal. But in his right shoulder stiffness is happening from time to time, especially during sleeping for 1 or half minute. Why this?

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Updated on May 05, 2019

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I understand your concern, you need to consult a orthopaedician for the same

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