मेरी बड़ी लड़की बदमाश बहुत हैं।पुरे समय कुछ कुछ सामान बर्बाद करती रहती है।कोई भी बात बोलने से मानती नहीं हैं।पढ़ने में बहुत होशियार हैं।उसकी अजीबोगरीब बदमाशी से मैं बहुत परेशां हु।क्या करूँ जिससे उसे सही गलत काम समझ आ सके ।वह 8 साल की है

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My big girl is a lot of mischief.Every time some things are wasting away.Anyone does not believe in speaking. There is a lot of skill in reading. I am very worried with his peculiar bullying. What should I do to get her to understand the right thing. He is 8 years old

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Updated on Jan 25, 2019

child-psychology Corner

I understand that making a child to get disciplined is tough task for parents. There are some golden thumb rules followed will result wonders. Being naughty or not listening is common for most of the kids. The golden medicine is that " creativity and patience with love". For example: when your child wont listen to you use your creativity in communication than any command , like having deals, making a task, you could tell you child lets see who wil first clear the floor. Rather saying clear the things on floor- for an example. Also you could pour your love hug and kiss them before going to bed and after they wake up. Also do reinforce them when they show desirable behaviour. You can also try to follow token economy. A sweet and creative communication works best with lot of love and patience . Thus they listen to you

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