मेरे बेटे का मन पढ़ाई में नहीं लगता है क्या करें कि उसका मन पढ़ाई में लगने लगे

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My son's mind does not feel like studying what his mind starts to study

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Updated on May 11, 2019

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Your child is at perhaps in the best phase of his cognitive development and in such a time, his surroundings if are enriched with learning experiences , concepts,and exercises, would be great for his overall development, including studies. For e. g. having an atlas wallpaper where he could see places across the world or having a white vacant wall for himself to write anything there on a day to day basis to having interesting books around him. All of this shall help apart from also making each interaction interesting, for e. g. when ever you are in an outdoor setting, using that as a learning experience for your child, sharing details about the place, why what happens shall evoke curiosity in him for more such interactions, and studies as well. Try and think beyond academics/curriculum to make studies more interesting for your child. Another way you could get your child to enjoy books again is by reading yourself. High chances are that your child shall follow. :) Daily revision can be in the form or quiz, worksheets, flash cards etc. arrange a group quiz on the topics with his classmates once a month. Any child will enjoy play more than studying. Do read this blog https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/make-study-time-effective-with-pomodoro-technique/2881 I hope this helps.

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