मैम मेरी बच्चे को पैर में प्लास्टर चढ़े हुए 15 दिन पूरे हो चुके हैं आज उसका प्लास्टर ढीला होकर अपने आप ही पैर से निकल गया और वह अच्छे से बैठ रही है और पैर को हल्का-हल्का खिला भी रही है मैं कैसे चेक करूं कि उसका पैर सही हुआ है या नहीं पहले उसके पैर में हड्डी में फैक्चर था अब मैं कैसे चेक करूं कृपया सही है कि नहीं और प्लास्टर हटने के बाद क्या-क्या सावधानियां बरतनी है और उसकी पैर की एक्सरसाइज कैसे करानी है

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Ma'am my baby leg plaster completed went 15 days in today's plaster is loose pass was left on its own feet and she sat good and legs that dell feeding is also How do I Czech him foot is right or not was fractured bone in his foot so I do not how the Czech do please correct and what is take precautions after removal of plaster and try to exercise his legs

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Updated on Aug 18, 2020

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I understand your concern. For matters related to medicines, any kind of a medical or diagnostic test or treatment of your child, it needs a closer examination by the Doctor. We at Parentune focus on prevention and best practices but do not prescribe any medicine or dosage or the interval between the two dosage of a medicine you may have been prescribed by your Doctor. Also, please note that there are various factors, which may be considered by a Doctor, for e.g. the. duration since a child is not well, physical symptoms which need a closer in person examination, history of issues or concerns with child, which medicine child was given earlier, how child reacted to that medicine or dose, how temperature is varying or the occurrence of fever, or allergy issues, if any. Considering all the above we recommend you to visit your doctor in person or get on a telecall consultation with your Doctor. Please take care! Take Care

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