सर् जी मेरे लड़के की उम्र 4 साल की है। उसे रात को जल्दी नींद नही आती है मैं क्या करो। रात को लाइट भी जल्दी बंद कर देते है।

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Sir, my boy is 4 years old. He does not sleep early at night what should I do. Lights also turn off quickly at night.

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Updated on Aug 21, 2019

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If she has the habit of sleeping after returning from school then that has to be stopped. Habits take time to be instilled. use of tv or gadget - one hour before bedtime there should be no use of gadgets and tv. The light emitted from them interferes with sleep. Keep the bed only for sleeping. Many people use the end for play , study etc. Tje bed room atmosphere has to be ready for sleep only. Hence play and study should be in a common area. Bedroom should be used only for sleep. Wind down to sleep with a routine. Dinner should be around 8. By 8.30 wind down. Read a story or ask her to read for twenty minutes. Dim the lights. Draw the Curtains, say good night and leave the room. She may take time to sleep It is ok. The rule is she should not get up from bed. She has to continue to lie down and wake up only in the morning. Early to bed and early to rise. When she begins to obey the instructions give her stars. When she accumulates twn stars you can give her a treat. Use this incentive initially till the habit is formed.

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