26/11/2018 को बच्चे का 6 सप्ताह वाला टीकाकरण हुआ था । 2 दिन बुखार आता जाता रहा । CHC से मिली दवाई देते रहे जिससे बुखार सही रहा , लेकिन आज बुखार दोबारा आया है वहां से दी हुई गोली खत्म ही गयी है । क्या किया जाए ?? समाधान बताएं ।

Translated to English

The child had 6 weeks of vaccination on 26/11/2018. The fever went on 2 days. Keeping the medicines received from CHC, which fever is right, but today the fever has come again, the bullet given from there has ended. What should be done ?? Explain the solution.

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