after my husband's death my both children got disturbed. i make sure that they feel comfortable. but one time in a day they both miss him. I can't be able to answer their questions. please suggest me that how I handle them both

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I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Heartfelt condolences. Yes it is very difficult for all of you. Indeed you have to play a dual role now. It must be so exhausting for you. The loss of their father- they would be confused and anxious. I request you to be truthful. The truth will be painful to talk about but it will help you and your children to recover faster. Now you are their sole caregiver. They will demand more attention through such questions. Hug them. Love them more and answer them patiently. Sometimes you could even cry together. Talk about all the good times and share good memories. There is nothing to worry. Do not be stressed. Allow them to vent their feelings to you or else it can impact them negatively. Make it a point to spend quality time with them. Being near them physically will help. When all of you are at home, involve them in all the chores you do at home. If you are in the kitchen ask them to come and hang out there. Thus you get to spend time and they get closer to you. All I can say is Nitika,when you get impatient ,move away from them. Look at them from a distance. Come a little later and look into their eyes. You will melt. And hug them. You have to give them double the number of affection. to compensate. Slowly they will overcome theirgrief. Also Spend time together on weekends. Go out for a walk or to the park. Help themto deal with their emotions. Open up the topic. All of you should be able to talk about death and their. dad. Initially all of you will be very tearful. Gradually you will begin to share the good memories. Talking like this will ease the pain. Take care. Do keep us posted if this works I hope this helps.

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