As I take classes I often find children lying n parents also complain about d same like my previous question how do I motivate dem to stop lying n talking too much den dey need

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hi Reena!


Though i haven't got the age group here, but the below is relevant especially for a 4 year

to 7 years kind of a age group.  A Child, especially among peers doesn't want to be seen as unfitting, or an outcast.  Also, most of the times, the child may tell a lie to hide a mistake. Partly

this comes from the fact that either the child didn't follow the instruction completly or forgot the instructions or is conscious about how would s/he look in front of his/her peers. Partly it comes from role modelling when parents/adults don't judge the child's intelligence or behaviour by labelling them because of a mistake, but taking time out to understand what happened patiently and then suggetsting an alternative,  the child could have looked at. You could also reward children for honesty and appreciate this quality in action time over time, it would also encourage children to learn from their mistakes rather than hide it with a lie.  


Hope this helps.

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