aslamalikum my baby is 6 months old. he cries all the night n dnt sleep and in day also he dnt sleeps i bf him. he refuse to tak bottle. what should i do i dnt get sleep n tym to rest. i m going in depression day by day....

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Baby Sleep

Mostly 4-12 months old baby sleep for 16-12 hours, including nap time during the day, At this point, a baby can sleep for longer hours and drop their feed. Some babies sleep at a stretch for 4 to 6 hours and some keep waking up after every 1-2 hours.

A baby can wake up at night for several reasons, like:

  • Hunger- Hunger is the main reason for crying at night. As the baby’s tummy is small and needs to be fed after every few hours. If you have started solid, you may give solid food before putting the baby to bed.
  • Colic/Gas- If the baby is healthy and happy but cries at night, this could be because of colic issues, ensure you are burping your baby after feeding and not putting the baby to bed immediately after the feed. If the baby is colic you should see a doctor for the same and give colic drops after consulting.
  • Gas- Sometimes it could be due to gas trouble, putting the baby on their back, grasping their feet, and moving legs in a gentle bicycling motion will help, applying asafoetida on the naval area helps too. Also, avoid giving gassy food to baby during night time.
  • Uncomfortable clothing/ Environment- Look if the baby is uncomfortable due to any cloth or if the temperature is too hot or cold for them.
  • Wet nappy- Baby cries when they are on wet nappy too.
  • To be held- Baby cries when they want to be held and feel comfortable.

While putting the baby to sleep, ensure that you have taken care of all these.

To set a sleeping pattern in babies you can do the following.

  • During night time keep the light and noise level low, do not play when the baby is awake at night, play lullabies at low volume. You can also try providing a massage and bath which will help the baby to relax their muscles and give a lot of playtime. This will ensure that the baby is tired by the end of the day and goes to sleep early.

Watch out for the signs that indicate that your baby is sleepy. Getting quieter, losing interest in doing things, yawning, getting cranky for no reason are all signs that tell you it’s time to call it a day. Here's also a blog that may help you - How To Get Your Baby Sleep Through The Night? - Follow 8 Easy Tips and' >How to Get Newborn Baby to Sleep? - Read these 11 Baby Sleeping Facts

Note: Please check for allergies in your child and his/her medical condition. Please consult with the Doctor in person for physical examination and treatment.

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