but she enjoy the school and dontbfeel like she is dumb or not getting things but the problem is she dont want to study at home even she knows that she is doing wrong but she enjoy or u can say zidd hai bas

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Updated on May 28, 2017

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I understand your concern. Please set a routine for her. Allow her to play after she returns for 1 hour. Set a time period to study for 1-1.15 hours. Be gentle and firm that she has to follow the routine. Set time box for her. One time box is 45 minutes and 5 minute break. Have 2 such time boxes for her. When she completes studying or writing give her a sticker. When she gets 7 stickers give her a reward. It also looks like she wants your attention. Are you spending enough time with her? Are you listening to her and to what she wants can you try Positive talking. Tell her what she can do and what she is capable of. Praise her for her effort. Often we tend to begin our talk with,' don't do this, don't do that..'. I hope these give you some ideas.

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