Dear dr Ann. Thank you for replying. I don't like my child being over friendly or caring because she is always concerned about others. for ex. When we show her a plane or something that she would enjoy,she would ask everyone papa look daadi look whoever is sitting. So I think she doesn't enjoy herself rather her mind is on others to enjoy. plz tell me as I might b wrong on this.. I have tried preparing her but again she cries.. I have delivered a baby boy on 15 jan. initially she was upset I guess but now ok ok. she sleeps with her dad in other room and I sleep with baby and my mother in law in other room. some because of rituals and some reason is my husband says I get disturbed if new baby cries at night as I got work in the morning. Now i think it's effecting her as I'm not able to give her time.. My husband has started working from home ,in the basement so apparently he is home and when he comes to living room and my girl watches cartoon and cries for something he starts scolding her. points out on everything she does. plz guide on this aswell. I have told my husband to understand her as I'm not able to give her time but if he is in mood he is good n when tired n bad mood,takes it out on her.. I would be highly obliged if you may help me as much as you can on my issues.. she was very confident but now I see a scared rayya n not confident. Warm regards Ujala

Created by Ujala
Updated on Jan 24, 2014

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