Dear Parentune team, My son is 10 months old . His weight is 11kg and his height 75 cm. he sleeps 9-10hours at night and takes 2 naps of 1-2 hours in daytime. He has developed dark circles under his eyes . I have asked his doctor about the same but she says there is nothing to worry. Following is his daily diet plan. Please suggest what else i can add and also if i am missing on any nutrients. I bfeed him should i give him top feed as well? Brkfast: suji/chawal cooked with double toned milk with 1 tea spoon ghee 75-100 ml(I also add 1-2 blended almonds soaked overnight on alternate days) Lunch:rice/roti minced with tuhar/mung daal tomato & lauki/turai/potato 75-100 ml Evening snack: any seasonal fruit purée /mixed fruit cerelac Dinner:Rice/roti minced with tuhar/mung daal tomato & lauki/turai/potato 75-100 ml Thanks. Please revert soon. Regards,

Created by Priya A
Updated on Jun 05, 2015

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