Dear Parentune team, My son is 10 months old . His weight is 11kg and his height 75 cm. he sleeps 9-10hours at night and takes 2 naps of 1-2 hours in daytime. He has developed dark circles under his eyes . I have asked his doctor about the same but she says there is nothing to worry. Following is his daily diet plan. Please suggest what else i can add and also if i am missing on any nutrients. I bfeed him should i give him top feed as well? Brkfast: suji/chawal cooked with double toned milk with 1 tea spoon ghee 75-100 ml(I also add 1-2 blended almonds soaked overnight on alternate days) Lunch:rice/roti minced with tuhar/mung daal tomato & lauki/turai/potato 75-100 ml Evening snack: any seasonal fruit purée /mixed fruit cerelac Dinner:Rice/roti minced with tuhar/mung daal tomato & lauki/turai/potato 75-100 ml Thanks. Please revert soon. Regards,

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Updated on Jun 05, 2015

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Hi Priyamvada,

The weight & height are normal for his age. However, here are few suggestions for your son's diet-

You start introducing top feed gradually in your son's diet as he is nearing one year of age.
Use full cream milk in recipes till the child is 2 years
You can use blanched almonds daily along with other nuts also powdered well.
Give some fruit/ juice in mid morning.
Include green leafy and other vegetables too.
You can start other cereals like Dalia, bajra, ragi etc.
You can even start with egg yolk and then whole eggs.


Hope it helps!


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