Dear Sir/mam, My daughter eyes r sensitive to intense sunlight and sometimes she prefers using sunglasses when outdoor in day time. From few days she is getting watery eyes from direct air of fan and cooler. She asks to off the fan and cooler as it causes watering and discomfort in eyes. What may be the cause for this. Occasional itching more frequent eyes rubbing then general is also done by her. Are there some safe eye drops that could help my 5 yrs. old.

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Updated on Jun 13, 2017

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Frequent watering and irritation in eyes can also be attributed with reduced eye power. Kindly get her eye examination done. At same time, avoid her excessive use of smartphone, laptop and tv. In diet, green vegetables, pulses, milk, carrot, mangoes, eggs should be added. And you can put gulab jal in an empty clean dropper bottle, put it in fridge and put 2-2 drops at times of itching.. But it is mandatory to get an eye checkup done Take care

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