DOWN SYNDROME- The risk of Down syndrome is Less than the screening cut-off. No follow up is indicated regarding this result. OPEN SPINA BIFIDA - The maternal serum AFP is NOT elevated for a pregnancy of this gestational age. The risk of an open neural tube defect is less than the screening cut-off. TRISOMY 18 - These serum marker levels are not consistent with the pattern seen in Trisomy 18 pregnancies. Maternal serum screening will detect approximately 60% of Trisomy 18 pregnancies. This is the report of my quadruple test . I can't understand the interpretation of this report. Please tell me something about this what does it mean . Hindi me batayen please

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Updated on Sep 20, 2019

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This result means that the risk of the baby having trisomy 18, Spina bifida and down syndrome ( these are genetic defects ) is not increased more than cut off. This is essentially a good report and shows no increased risk. For a detailed explaination, please consult your doctor Take Care

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