Good evening, I really don know whether I should ask this question or not or who to be asked. I am mother of 2 kids (both boys),one is 5. 4 years and the other is 2. 7. I get irritated if my elder son touches my private parts,sometimes I get so much irritated I yell at him ,he ll be having no idea why I scolded him. I am feeling like this since I was pregnant of 2 nd child .why is this happening to me .I really regret later.

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Updated on Dec 03, 2020

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I can understand your concern. Taking care of two children is not easy and sometimes they are not able to follow boundaries. Children need to be made aware of what is okay and what is not okay. It may be overwhelming and you may feel like you have no space of your own with your hands full of taking care of the children and your other chores. It is also normal for you to feel angry and irritated when your child touches your private parts. It is important for you to teach your child firmly and kindly that you do not like it when he touches you there and he must not touch. It is good to say no. Do not scream or scold him, that would only make him rebel or do it more, also it will spoil your relationship with him. This is also the age you can teach him about safe and unsafe touch for his own body. This will make him more aware of him protecting his body and his private parts as well. Take care.

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