harHi ,my daughter is 17 years ild she is having pcod problem taking treatment from 3 months ,Dr said to do harmonies blood test ,in the report too much harm one inbalance even pncrease producing too much insulin ,Dr. Said no need to worry about that insulin when harmonies get balanced automatically it will control, but still I fear so much... Dr. Said her to reduce weight she is 60 .atleast 10 KGS she have to reduce . Plz sujjest. Me Gud diet plan , healthy rcepie for snacks and lunch box, Gus diet plan, eating habits, organic food. thanku eagerly waiting for experts reply Thanking u.

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Updated on Jun 02, 2015

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Hi Priya!

Here are a few suggestions for your daughter's weight,she needs to
1. increase her physical activity
(brisk walks at least 40 minutes, some form of exercise, taking up some sport)
2. continue her medical treatment
3. control her diet
For her diet following changes may help
1. Reduce her overall intake of fats i. e. butter, ghee, oil, fried foods etc
2. Avoid giving refined cereal products like white bread, buns, pizza, noodles, things made with maida
3. restrict intake of sugar and sweets
4. Increase intake of vegetables (avoid potatoes & other root vegetables) and fruits (avoid mango, banana, cheeku).
5. Give whole cereals like whole wheat, ragi, bajra, unpolished rice, millets and whole dals & legumes.
6. In case of non-vegetarian- give chicken, fish, egg whites
7. Use toned milk for milk, curds & paneer.
Snacks can be made using besan, dals, leans meats, egg whites with vegetables like besan cheela, mix sprouts salad, dhokla, grilled tikka, etc. Also, try and locate source of organic foods in your nearby vicinity.
Hope it helps

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