helli mam i am areeba from pakistan my son is 3. 5 yrs but he became v roudy actually m living in joint family where every 1 keep on criticising him n saying no dont do that dont do this bla bla bla m v upset i cant say them anything due to respect but this is actually making my baby disobediant

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Updated on May 18, 2019

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Yes Areeba I understand. Thank you for writing to us. When children grow up in joint families they are pampered a lot by the grandparents. Nothing much can be done about this. Instead focus on building your rapport with him. Spend quality time with home everyday. Set aside an exclusive time to hang out with him. During this time play with him or chat with him or listen to him or read out a book or tell stories. Through these stories inculcate the values and behaviour you expect. Gradually he will absorb. Guide him on the expressing emotions too. Allow him to enjoy the pampering but be firm about disciplining. Do. It show too much aggression or impatience as this may not be acceptable by the relatives. Instead talk to him when he calms down. Share your feelings. Use stories again. Go for little walks. The time both of you spend alone is crucial. Even if he doesn’t behave in the way you wish do not worry. He will gradually settle into good habits.

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