Hello Doctor, what type of food should a kid with redux issue (as infant) have. my kids eat all sort of homemade food. be it ragi, jowar bajra, millets pulses lentils fruits veggies egg chicken. except any processed food like pastry chocolates biscuits etc. milk they have started just a week back. full cream Buffalo. how much time does it take to digest 100 ml Buffalo milk. only one time at 6:0am they have. rest on family food minus chilly. they cannot tolerate chilly. what can I give them as breakfast and after how much time breakfast should be given once milk is had at 6. 30am. they have a city trouble so gaps between food should be how much. they vomit in school due to anxiety so what type of food can be given. any food like we have protein bar which takes care of calories for adults. anything that can be made home and satisfied the calories need but lite on tummy in mornings. they eat upma Dalia doss idly but now they show signs of vomit since school has started and anxiety starts building from home itself. can u please schedule a meal chart for a 3 years kids with acidity problem. at school they are not convinced that children can have acidity problem. paed says no trouble with digestive tract and is now formed well (preterm babies @ 31+2weeks) were on antacids as infants as would spit milk even with slight shaking. that continued for long time. then I controlled acid reflux with food till now. school food has mild chilly. due to which they development severe acidity food aversion. were on antacids for a week. any food stuffs to soothe the system n control acidity. Tia.

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Hope you are doing well. Firstly calm down :) You children have an acidity issue but they can lead a normal life.Please don't let this make you anxious. Breakfast- 1 Cup milk + 1 Roti roll/frankie /2 small chilla/1 Bowl veggie oats/1 Beetroot or carrot paratha Mid-morning- 1 Fruit or mixed fruits Lunch- 1 Roti with sabzi or Dal chawala,khichdi and kadhi,Fried rice ,vegetable pulav/biryani Snack- 1 Fruit/1 Glass fruit smoothie Dinner- Same as lunch OR Vegetable daliya/dal chawal/khichdi with veggies/Chicken soup with rice and veggies Avoid giving them buffalo milk shift them to cow's milk and give it to them in the morning in the evening. Give them a glass of lemon and jeera water everyday or a glass of buttermilk (small glass) Avoid giving them processed/refined/outside food/too much of dairy/fermented food/spicy or fried foods :) Hope this helps :)

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