Hello Doctors! My baby is six month 15 days. I am giving her wheat apple cerelac, but I found the taste is very sweet like kheer. Is it save to give sweet things to baby??? Can I continue with wheat apple flavour? I would also like to mention that she don't like other flavour

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Updated on Jan 16, 2018

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you can give home made options instead. You may start with strained vegetable soup including green leafy vegetables , fresh fruit juice. At 6 months you can give ragi porridge, rice kheer, suji kheer or phirni etc. You can gradually start with mashed banana, boiled potatoes, dal water also. Boiled water can be given especially after each solid feed. Starting with a spoon or two you may gradually increase the amount to 120-250 ml in a day. Keep the seasonings mild, keep the consistency flowing initially. You may give three solid feeds maximum, in a day. Click on the following link for details on introducing solids http://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/baby-weaning-food-guide-4-to-7-months/567 Hope this helps

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