Hello Dr. Ann My daughter is 3 years and 3 months old.. as I had told u she was very polite but now she has become violent and crying for everything she wants. i don't listen to her when she ties and ask her to stop crying n then tell me what u want?very rarely she would listen.. now she pulls out her hair aswell and folds her arm and says arghhhh,shows her angry eyes aswell. now this is giving me a lot of problems in society. I spoke to her many times and she even agrees that ok mama yes mama n later forgets and repeats the same thing,I don't know if she doesn't understand what am I speaking to her. when she repeats,I want her agressive behavior to go away. she goes to nursery. and did 11months at play school. maybe she has Learnt anger from us. i even delivered a boy 4 months ago n maybe our attention was more towards the new baby.. I have locked her in a room 3-4 times and 1-2 min each that you u don't listen n keep crying so you'll get punishment. she says mama no open the door. then I open m take a promise from her n yet again within 2mins if she wants she again starts crying. Now she asks just once or max twice n if we refuse,she starts crying.. plz help!!

Created by Ujala
Updated on May 27, 2014

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