hello Dr I have delivered a baby boy on 5oct or in 36 week of my pregnancy due to my health issues. the problem which I am facing is I am not able to give him breast milk so he is only having powder milk but I am worrying about his health so what should I do please help me out,

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Updated on Oct 25, 2021

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Do not get disturbed or disheartened. Try to restart breast feeding as it is the best food for the baby. It may be difficult initially. Breastfeeding works on supply and demand basis, so more the baby feeds and more the breast is stimulated, more milk is produced. For this, firstly, try to put the baby to the breast as often as possible (every 2-3 hours at least). Even if the baby isn’t feeding, have skin-to-skin time. Keep the baby close to your body as much as possible; touch his cheek with yours this will also help. Or try using a pump or hand express for 10-15 minutes on each breast 4-5 times in a day.. Initially milk supply will be low, but gradually it will increase. In addition, you should take a healthy diet , have plenty of oral fluids and also avoid stress, these will help in increasing milk production. Take plenty of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens, nuts, seeds, whole grains and sprouts, milk and dairy products, eggs, meat, fish, dals, legumes etc. Consult your doctor for prescription of appropriate medication and supplements. Take care , I hope this helps.

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