hello everyone can anyone suggest that what really a actual age of child for school ? actually I want to admit my child to PG but no one support me . Either My husband not support me he said that this is not a age for child to go school it's a age of enjoying . He also said that u ruin my child childhood don't do this. My problem is his age group children already join the school very early . What can I do plz suggest . I am in big trouble....

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Updated on Jun 19, 2017

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2 is alright for a play school. You could choose a place that works for a few hours. You could speak of the advantages. He would get into a proper routine. He would be better prepared for nursery. Your husband also has a good point. If you have help at home then you could spend time playing, teaching him letters, numbers, crayon art etc. You could create a schedule similar to a playschool. So it would be interesting and productive for both of you. You could teach him to draw lines and curves. He has to be 3+ for LKG. It is always good when both parents arrive at a consensus on all issues regarding the child.

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