Hello fellow parents... My daughter is 5 years old and some times at night while in sleep she starts to cry unstoppable.... afterwards she pukes because of continuous crying... this continuous for some days and stops and again repeats... can any body please give suggestions?!

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Updated on Jan 06, 2018

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Is your daughter having nightmares or is she under any sort of stress or anxiety? Is there ay stressful environment at home or her playschool? Make sure your child is not facing any bullying issue at school or make sure she is not tensed about anything. This is a psychological behaviour. Tell her, you love her and give her confidence that you will be by her side no matter what. She needs reassurance, love and support. Give her all the comfort in the world. Also, is she playful? Make sure she indulges in games, or physical activities like cycling, etc. Engage her in a fun hobby like painting, singing, etc. Hope this helps.

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