hello. i am a working mom of two children.. daughter of 4yr old n son of 2yr old. my daughter is becoming very stubborn ,misbehaved day by day. i feel very helpless as i am not staying with them because of my long distance work place. after two or three day i meet my children. both of they are at home with their grandparents and father. differnce of only two years between them could be the one reason behind her angry and destroying nature,i also feel that guilt actually. beating her younger bro,throw anything on any family member,shouting weeping so loudly,slap her grand ma these are her daily tantrums. but thank god publically she is not so rude ,if someone doesnt do according to her she again start shouting weeping. i want to turn her into a well behaved,polite soft spoken happy child. what should i do. leaving my goverment job is also very tough decision for me and 190 km daily up-updown in hill area (my work place to home)also impossible. please suggest me... please

Created by Monika Pant
Updated on Nov 28, 2017

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