Hello Ma'am / sir, My son is 3yrs n 3 months old and daughter is 11 months old. I am bit worried for their height as my height is short. I have read some where that in the morning I can give cow milk with jagerry for good growth... Can I give to both of them.. They both are babies so I am bit afraid. Please advice Thanks

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Updated on May 17, 2017

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height is largely controlled by our genes (parents' height). You may however give a high protein and calcium diet to help in height gain. Similarly encourage the child in games and sports like badminton, lawn tennis, throw ball, stretching on monkey bars etc. Give milk and its products like curd, paneer, cheese, buttermilk etc. You may give these as fruit shakes/ fruit lassi. Cheese or paneer can be cut into small bite sized cubes, so that they can use their fingers to eat these. Alternatively paneer/cheese can be added to their roti/sandwich/dosa/uttapam etc. Increase intake of dals/legumes, eggs (hard boiled cut into small bite sized pieces or omlette etc.) poultry/fish (curry, snacks, cutlets, tikka, in rice or in soup). She should keep doing her required exercises and can take up these sports like lawn tennis/basket ball etc. Do take advice of your doctor too. If you want you may give cow's milk and jaggery but to the younger one from one year of age.

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