hello mam, it's me vanitha krish's mom he is 2. 10 months now, I have putted him in prekg , for last twenty days he s going to school,but school reopens in Jun 11 only ,but for trail ,Iam putting in school to get out of fear, they allowing me in school campus inside, sitting with him and intiating painting and crafts works with teacher ,me and my son, for few minutes going out to check him, but he will cry ,they will call back so again I will go and sit with him, now he s always asking him to stay with him, but now sudden behaviour change,he is crying for everything, and beating me, shouting,even in 2 years he will obey my words and never cry for anything,y is it so, what might the reason mam. (( my sister in law son will come to my home daily ,he is 6 years now,due to school holidays he is coming daily,he is having that habit,he will cry for everything ,he never share his toys, my son Krish will watch him always. this will be a reason ah man. kindly advice.

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