Hello Mam/sir, My son was force fed for sometime but now we stopped. He do not like to eat anything expect curd and buttermilk. he runs away if we are preparing some food. as you mentioned in my previous question we make him sit with us in meal time. offer him in different food in diff colored plates we tell him stories but no use. he don't listen to us. he don't eat anything. he will just touch the rice with one finger he don't use all his fingers to pick the food. and if we put in his mouth he don't chew he will keep for sometime and swallow the food. he is going to play school but he is not learning how to eat. his snack box will come as it is. I make him sit with his friends to eat they eat nicely but he don't see them nor learn from them. we are very much tensed in his eating habits. he got many teeth but not using it to chew the food. we show him how to chew for hours but no use. we show him some videos in youtube how to chew either he don't show interest to see those videos or he will see but not learning. I am totally blank what else could be done to make him to eat.

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Updated on Oct 15, 2015

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