hello my baby is 6 month complete for you nutrition diet chart please

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Hi Anjali Srivastava, You can start mashed banana, milk based - porridge made from wheat flour, ground rice, ragi or other ground millet (add little fat too) But remember to start only one grain at a time. wait for few days and then only introduce the other food so that any allergies or intolerances to these new foods can be identified. Also start with one feed/day and then gradually increase the frequency to 3 feeds/day. Other foods that can be included are - banana, mango, chikoo, boiled egg yolk, mashed rice with dal ( khichdi), mashed vegetables, chapatti softened with milk. Green leafy vegetables can also be added to the dals or khichdi. Also make note of following tips while weaning: • Feed the baby when he or she is hungry, but do not overfeed. Look for signals that the feeding is finished such as shaking the head. •Make meal time a happy time, usually morning or midday is the best time for offering feeding new foods. • Never force your child to finish bottles or food. This can cause the baby to ignore what his or her body says and may lead to poor eating habits later. Watch for body language cues. • Never leave your child alone while eating.

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